3 Things You Should Consider Before Installing Automation Systems

Technology brings lot of great thing for human life. One of them is your life become much easier with technology. If you don’t believe it, just look at one of the magnificent fruit of technology, the smart home system. Basically, with smart home you can control everything in your house with just one touch of button. It’s definitely comfortable. However, it doesn’t means you just can decide and turn your home into smart home. You need to consider few things before you use this system.

The Service
Fortunately, there are many companies that provide automation system service for your house. The service that they provide is many. You can get from basic service, like automation system installation to the advance that will give you complete package from automation to surveillance and home security system. Of course, if you use their service, there is more money you have to pay. Usually, the service that provided by these companies use subscribing system, which means you have to pay monthly fee to keep using their service. However, the cost for this service isn’t as expensive as you thought. Usually, you have to pay from $10 to $50, for the subscription only. It will little bit expensive when you have to pay all the hardware and tool that they use for change your house into automation home. The other method is DIY automation system. There are also many companies that sell this product for you. It’s priced from $199. The different is you need to install everything manually. Your house also must have Wi-Fi router and good internet connection, because this system mostly use internet to connect many different thing in your house.

First Timer
If this is your first time using automation system service, you can start it from simple things, like using this system to control your house lighting system. Nowadays, there are many products that you can buy that can be used for this purpose. For example, there is Phillips smart lamp that you can control with your Smartphone. You can turn it on, off or change its color. That’s not all. You also can find sound system, room temperature control and many more. You can buy them separately and install the system that you think you need most. Then, you just need to find the app for controlling them for your Smartphone or gadget, like Pebble Smartwatches that can control many different home appliances from many different brands.

The Risk
The other thing that you need to consider is the hacking risk. Although many brands said that their product is hack-proof, the reality is totally different. You need to be extra careful for this matter, because, if your automation system has been hacked, you will lose many things, from important information, file and image, to your money from your online transaction. It’s possible, because this system use internet as their core. Therefore, if other people can access your Wi-Fi router, they will have freedom to take anything from you. The best thing you can do is keeping contact with the company that installs your automation system. Ask them for checking your automation system or get more powerful video home monitoring to ensure your safety from hacking.

Yes, automation system will make your life easier. It will help you to save more time and use it effectively for more productive activity. It’s also useful when you leave your house for travelling to other city for long period of time. However, you still need to consider 3 factors above and choose the product or system that you want to use carefully. That way you will get maximum benefits from this high and advanced technology system.

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